Nail Polish: Artist Collection

Shade: Scarlet Red

A red with a bias towards orange

Inspired by the Michael Wilcox 'Colour Bias Wheel'.

I am obsessed with colour!!! I learned about Michael Wilcox through the study of Botanical Art Illustration and use his Wilcox Colour Mixing Palette. It's Incredible!!!!

While using the Six Primary Colour Bias Wheel theory (which enables you to mix EVERY colour you want from just six colours), it got me thinking that I could help Nail Artists to use this colour theory.

We have creating a set of the SIX principl colours. Two Reds (A Orange-Red and a Purple-Red), Two Blues (A Green-Blue and a Purple-Blue), Two Yellows (A Green-Yellow and an Orange-Yellow). And of course the Secondary Colours Green + Purple + Orange.

Remeber opposites attract (hues found opposite each other on the wheel) and are complementary. And Colours next to each other. Marc Chagall summed it up best - 'All colours are FRIENDS of their neighbour and the LOVERS of their opposites.


To learn more, try a Michael Wilcox home study workshop here to learn more about color harmony and contrast.

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